Simple Weddings – Reason #1 – We Have So Much

Can your simple wedding change the world? I believe it can.

This video inspired me greatly to look at my loving work.  I am a Wedding Officiant in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN and I have performed wedding ceremonies of every style throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Does this video stir something in you? Call me at 612-803-3073 if you would like to talk about how we can co-create a ceremony that reflects your partnership as adds to the beauty of our world.

If this video moves you let’s talk about how you can choose a small, meaningful wedding and consume less and build resources for those who have so little. If you want to make a difference, I believe we can change the world every day.

I love the requests I am getting for simple wedding ceremonies in the Twin Cities. What motivates these couples? My friends have heard me say it for years that, “small, intimate weddings stand out for me as the most exciting and the most romantic.” But why? I’ve discovered a thread of similarity that runs through each simple wedding that I am a part of: it is the energy and reason behind the couple’s choice to have a simple wedding.

When a couple comes to me and they want to “keep their wedding simple” they tell me their motivations and intentions.  I am always fascinated.  So many reasons like the obvious: necessity, practicality, time and budget.

Some of the reasons I’ve come across might surprise you and other reasons will delight you. I have so many stories to share.