Need a Dress for Your Elopement? Your MN Wedding Officiant Knows!

MN Wedding Officiant AnnaMarie Ronning 612-424-8880

Mary Kay's Bridal

(St. Louis Park, MN) If your style is to have a small wedding or elope in Minnesota, your dress is waiting.  Visit this experienced bridal salon owner who loves her work and her clients like I do.

Today, I met “The Mary Kay” of Mary Kay’s Bridal in St. Louis Park (formerly of Richfield, MN).  Mary Kay has been in the business for 25 years and is dedicated to creating a “stress free experience for her clients.”  She intentionally decorated her shop and hires her staff based on that value: the client’s comfort. When you walk in you will feel just what I mean.  You will be handed refreshments to enjoy during your visit and you will be in good hands with Mary Kay’s experienced staff.  To me it felt like, “comfortable – upscale.”  I just invented that term, pass it on!

MN Wedding Officiant AnnaMarie Ronning 612-424-8880I asked her specifically if she had dresses available for bride’s with “last minute weddings” or couples who want to elope.  She gave me an enthusiastic, “Well, absolutely!”  Her prices are affordable too.  If you need alterations they can be done on short notice. Even if you are planning to keep things simple Mary Kay’s Bridal has dresses at all price points so whatever your budget you can wear a stunning bridal dress and accessories at your wedding ceremony and celebration.

MN Wedding Officiant AnnaMarie Ronning 612-424-8880

Bridal accessories carefully displayed

Bess was there too to show me around and was very knowledgeable and welcoming.  The spacious St. Louis Park wedding salon is conveniently located off of Hwy 100 and has ample parking in the back.

I am glad that I was able to meet Mary Kay, a successful business woman who has served couples and families the Twin Cities for a quarter of a century.  She talked about her bridal salon and her staff with pride and she should. Mary Kay is just the kind of local business person that I want to support especially since she provides the apparel that helps make the wedding ceremony that I officiate extra special for the bride and groom.  She will provide my couples with a good experience.  All of these beautiful elements come together to help make the wedding ceremony and the memories last.

P.S. If you find this information helpful give me a call. I am a MN Wedding Officiant with over 10 years experience working with couples in the Twin Cities Metro Area. I have have lots of tips and resources to share. Call 612-424-8880 to schedule a complimentary consultation. I look forward to speaking with you!

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