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MN Wedding Ceremony FAQ #2: Words

Right away, when a couple calls, I get a question that sounds something like this:

“My Fiance and I love this quote and is it okay if you read it during the ceremony…or include it in the vows?”

My answer is an enthusiastic, “yes!” I love to include your special words because I believe that each of these meaningful personal touches makes the experience much more profound and memorable for you. It adds to the story of your love and your life.

I encourage couples to work participate in the selecting readings and words for their unique ceremony. It becomes a fun experience! Beyond that some couples have very specialized, unique requests and I am happy to accommodate them. I’ve been presented with:

  • Sweet greeting cards that the groom gave to the bride while they were first falling in love
  • A stitchery about love and family that the bride’s grandmother gave her and now hangs in their home
  • Quotes from the couple’s favorite movie
  • Lyrics from the bridal couple’s favorite song
  • Vows that parents used at their wedding

You can have your ceremony just the way you want it with the words that are authentic to you.

Custom, Personalized Vows

Custom, Personalized Vows

If you come to me with lots of ideas or no ideas at all we will find the perfect words that reflect your love and appreciation of the otherโ€™s special qualities and your goal of sharing your family and future together.

If you are getting married in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and you would like to talk with me about sentiments like this and your own personalized wedding ceremony – just call 612-803-3073 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

I look forward to talking with you!

MN Wedding Ceremony FAQ #1: Cost

“How much does a wedding officiant in Minnesota cost?”

wedding money

That is the #1 question I get from engaged couples seeking my services.

My answer? That depends!

The fee for my Wedding Officiant services for your wedding ceremony is based on Read more…

Simple Weddings – Reason #1 – We Have So Much

Can your simple wedding change the world? I believe it can.

This video inspired me greatly to look at my loving work.ย  I am a Wedding Officiant in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN and I have performed wedding ceremonies of every style throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Does this video stir something in you? Call me at 612-803-3073 if you would like to talk about how we can co-create a ceremony that reflects your partnership as adds to the beauty of our world.

If this video moves you let’s talk about how you can choose a small, meaningful wedding and consume less and build resources for those who have so little. If you want to make a difference, I believe we can change the world every day. Read more…